• Simon Burton is an inspirational event speaker, host, panel chairman and Master of Ceremonies with vast practical business experience and a unique perspective on events. A passionate champion for entrepreneurs and start-ups, he is also a successful entrepreneur in his own right.

    Energetic, eclectic, inspiring and insightful, Simon is a powerful asset for any event. 

    Simon co-founded the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Charity Film Awards, Football Business Awards and the Sports Business Awards and has launched and sold several media businesses. His current business interests encompass sport, entrepreneurship, content creation and social media. He is a best-selling author of four business books.

    Simon is fun, funny, insightful and forthright. 


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  • Simon is an experienced and engaging event host. His relaxed style belies a keen feel for the audience's needs and engagement. Comfortable with small or large audiences, Simon is adept at keeping speakers on track and reflecting the audience's questions and comments. Simon is a powerful summariser of content and is equally proficient at helping inexperienced presenters or managing celebrities.

    Insightful, charming, fun and professional. 


  • A high-energy, fun, engaging and thoroughly interactive tour through the ten major issues confronting every business and business person in the modern age. Looking at the major trends in business and how they overlap and influence one another, this presentation is suitable for audiences in a variety of markets and with of differing levels of seniority. 

    Refreshing, interactive, fun and purposeful. "10 Things" is relevant in any business context or environment.


  • We live in a digital world, but the importance of face to face never been greater. Simon dons his event and social media hat to presents a series of case studies both B2B and consumer that demonstrate necessity and benefits of combining the two. This presentation ensures that your events are deeply personal, easily shareable and most importantly measurable. Your brand in both physical and virtual worlds needs to be harmonious to achieve the best results, Simon will help you achieve that harmony. 


  • Achievement, fulfillment, success; these words hold so much importance and yet there are so many standards to measure them by. Ultimately though it comes down to living the life you love and being engaged with things that are fulfilling and sustaining to you. While material wealth might be a part of that, perhaps if you look deep down at your truest dreams and deepest desires, you will see that there are things you want and crave  which transcend money and status. Punk Business is Simon's unique take on what it means to live the entrepreneurial life. Where the only measure of success is the mirror. 


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    Really engaging with an audience is a demanding task and one that Simon Burton consistently rises to with energy, humour and intelligent challenge. He not only reads the room - he puts himself in the audience’s shoes and delivers against their expectations in a really engaging and professional way.  

    Simon Hughes, Managing Partner, MCHA

    Simon Burton has a first-rate mind, a big heart and a dazzling wit. If you want to laugh and think and learn, spend some time with this man. He brings light and energy to every event he's involved in. 

    Richard V Reeves, Co-Director, Center on Children and Families at The Brookings Institution

    Simon’s balance of panel and audience repartee, selection of intelligent questions and alert stage presence brought our the best from our panellists and kept everyone watching and listening intently. He allowed everyone on stage their chance to impress keeping time immaculately

    Frank Wainwright, Director  FMBE Magazine & Awards


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