• 10 Things Every Modern Business Should Know

    • Interactive
    • Highly relevant
    • Fun and Engaging
    • Quick-fire
    • Suitable for all seniority levels
    • Thought-Provoking
  • Ten Things Every Modern Business Should Know

    A high-energy, engaging and thoroughly interactive tour through the ten major issues confronting every business and business person in the modern age. Looking at the major trends in business and how they overlap and influence one another, this presentation is suitable for audiences in a variety of markets and with of differing levels of seniority. 

    Specifically designed to be quick-fire and agenda-setting, this presentation can easily be adapted to include highly relevant, market specific information to suit niche audiences.

    Simon skilfully weaves these "big issue" ideas together to demonstrate how the themes impact on all of our businesses and all of our professional lives regardless of our market, industry or job role.