• Do what you love
    • Be the best you, you can be.
    • What is Punk Business?
    • Define your own success
    • Unconventional wins the race
    • How to think creatively
    • Unlock your inner entrepreneur
  • Our modern society is built upon certain notions which may or may not be serving you, they may not even be true, they certainly may not be the absolutes which certain institutions such as education systems, the media and even government have led you to believe. It is very possible and it may even be advantageous for you to go against the current, to rebel against the neat and narrow conceptions of success and fulfilment which have been set up by institutions competing for space in your mind and sense of self.

    You can be more then a test score, you can be more than a commodity. Your dreams matter. Your happiness matters. No one will get you where you want to be but YOU. It’s time to stop dreaming about the future and start creating it! 

    Simon's unique take on what it means to be a Punk Business is insightful, inspiration and motivational and for entrepreneurs and corporates alike.