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  • The digital revolution has created a whole new set of tools which have re-engineered broken business models, modernised out-dated working methods and rethought how we conduct some of the most fundamental aspects of our day to day lives. Social media and the virtual world have co-opted the language of relationship; “connection”, “like”, “share”, “recommend”, “community”, and they add enormously to the process of relationship building, but the real manifestation of relationship will always be in the real world. In a world of screens, face to face has never been more powerful.

    We need to speak, to engage, to connect, to meet. Real relationships are more robust and meaningful than purely digital ones. There are two ways to make a connection, a digital “click” that’s devoid of profound meaning or the genuine “click” that comes from the chemistry of meeting. People chemistry is a vital part of our business personalities and lives. Given an even choice, we’ll always do business with people whose company we enjoy. Personality, presentation, energy and charisma count for a great deal in our personal and our brands impact.

    Simon presents a series of case studies both B2B and consumer that demonstrate that the mantra isn’t just true it’s a necessity. Ensuring that live experiences are deeply personal, easily shareable and most importantly totally measurable, Simon will show you how to make social media a winning part of your marketing strategy and maximise your social capital.