• Engaging and energetic.
    • Knowledgeable 
    • Insightful
    • Charismatic
    • Attentive to audience and speaker needs
    • Efficient time-keeper
  • Simon is an experienced and engaging event host. His relaxed style belies a keen feel for the audience's needs and engagement. Comfortable with small or large audiences, Simon is adept at keeping speakers on track and reflecting the audience's questions and comments. Simon is a powerful summariser of content and is equally proficient at assisting inexperienced presenters or managing celebrities though insightful questioning and a warm personality.

    His career in the media, events, entrepreneurial and start-up sectors has given Simon a solid understanding of what makes event attendees tick and he is adept at building rapport with audiences of all sizes, guiding them through the event programme and keeping speakers focused and on time.

    He brings insight, energy, charm and humour to bear to ensure that the audience feels like he is their representative on the stage.

    Simon is equally comfortable hosting in conference, panel discussion or awards settings.