• Those of us who work in the event industry are constantly seeking new ways to evangelise about the power of live marketing. And although I am generally resistant to clichés, in this endeavour, the notion that “a picture is worth a thousand words” contains a profound truth.

    The above image “Lift me up" by photographer Naf Selmani, which won last night’s Event Photography Awards, captures more than words ever could. And although it freezes a moment in time, we are left in no doubt about the narrative of before and after that it belongs to. This is event as pure celebration, exhilaration and human connection. Event as story-telling. 

    What is so amazing about all of the images in the awards’ shortlist is their ability to tell a story and convey an incredible range of emotion in the blink of a lens. (A notable mention here for Perton Signs’ work reproducing the images so beautifully for last night’s audience).

    The shortlisted images on display at Church House are remarkable in their scope; as well as events ranging from trade shows to sport via weddings and cultural, there is a category for “behind the scenes” which showcases the hard-work and planning so necessary to great events. Every part of our event family is included in the album.

    As the guests networked at last night’s reception, what was very clear was the catalyst the images gave to spark dialogue and to create the conversation. Laughter, smiles, gasps, awe and tears -  the power of events to elicit emotion and change minds is conveyed most perfectly through the capturing of the most basic building block of an event; a moment in time.

    Great events deserve great images.  

    View all the shortlisted images on the Event Photography Awards Website.