• One Big Idea

  • Just One Idea

    Let’s be crude for a second. You don’t mind if I’m crude, do you? Event attendees fall into two broad interest groups. Those who want to learn; we might regard these as “Practicals”. And those who want to be inspired; let’s call them “Creatives”. Balancing the different needs and styles of these groups is of course the subject of many a meeting planning course and theory. (I’m feeling a little bored already). Anyway, I’m way over here on the creative side, unless the practical knowledge is innovative and insightful in which case….

    Part of the challenge for event organisers is that they probably have both sort of attendees in the room, and the type of content they want is different. 

    I often say to audiences when I’m speaking that I have an objective and that objective is to inspire at least one good idea during the course of my presentation. Sometimes, I’m sure that idea is “I really need to drink less coffee during the networking breaks”, but mostly it’s about committing to a new course of action that will make a positive difference to professional or personal life.

    Why do I set the bar as low as one idea?

    Well any lower and we might as well have stayed at home, but mostly because of, information overload. It’s pretty difficult to inspire people to do more than one thing at a time and have any hope that they execute them. Conferences take our already information overloaded lives and drop even more brilliant content and connections on top of them. Part of the role of a good presenter or host is to make sure that this huge cascade of information and inspiration produces positive outcomes that link directly to the event. And sometimes that's best done by helping the audience focus and recognise that often, less is genuinely more.